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Patient Access is available to ALL our registered patients.  Once registered, you can book your appointment(s) online.

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If you're already registered, click the orange Sign in button below to book your appointment(s).

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You can now book an appointment up to two weeks in advance if you need to see the doctor or a nurse. It is advisable to state if it is an urgent or a routine appointment. The receptionist may ask you what the appointment is for in order to book you in the most suitable clinic.

The Surgery holds back a small number of appointments each day which are allocated for emergencies. Doctors are allocated 10 minutes appointment slots. If you feel that you require longer than the 10 minutes, please inform the reception who will allocated you a double appointment.

You can now also book an appointment over the internet – Click here for more information.




You are very welcome to be accompanied by a trusted friend or relative at your consultation if you wish, and this is all the more important if English is not your first language, or if you feel you might not be able to express what you need clearly to the doctor or nurse.  

In additon, for intimate examinations, you will be offered the choice of having another professional clinician present at the examination. This is called chaperoning.

Because we are a small practice this might not be possible at all times. If we cant allocate a chaperone when you wish one to be there, then we can reschedule your examination to another time.


Phone Consultations

This service is available daily for patients to speak to a doctor over the telephone between 8.30am – 10.30am only.

You will also be offered this service if you are unable to get an urgent appointment.

Listed below are some issues that you can discuss with the doctor on the telephone:

  • Cold and flu symptoms
  • Patients who phone the surgery for results, and would like to discuss with a doctor or nurse
  • Changes in your medication
  • Medication review
  • Medical certificates
  • Any issues that do not require an examination
  • If you require a home visit