Patient Group Survey Results


The Law Medical Group Practice has completed the fourth part of a four year project to promote the proactive engagement of our patients through the use of an effective Patient Representative Group (PRG).

To see how we got on, and also to view results of our latest Patient Survey and a list of actions for changes to the practice agreed with our PRG, please click on the Report below.

We would like to thank all our patients who have taken part, and we look forward to your continued support. 


PPG Action Plan 2014 / 2015

PPG Report


PPG Annual Report and Survey 2013 / 2014

PPG Report

Appendix 1 (OOH Patient Questionnaire) 
Appendix 2 (Our Services Questionnaire) 
Appendix 3 (Weekend Flu Clinics Questionnaire) 
Appendix 4 (DNA Questionnaire) 
Appendix 5 (Online Services Questionnaire) 
Appendix 6 (COPD Questionnaire) 
Appendix 7 Excel (Survey Results) 
Appendix 8 (PRG Minutes 11.02.14 
Appendix 9 (Action Plan)


PPG Annual Report and Survey 2012 / 2013

PPG Report / Survey


PPG Annual Reports 2011 / 2012

PPG Report / Survey

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